Correspondent’s Message


It is quantity and durability if the base that support the edifice. HOLY CROSS MATRIC HIGHER SCEONDARY SCHOOL is not built on bricks, but on faith. Diversity in planning and multiplicity in programmes offer a unifying and energizing force from within. It is like the brilliance of a multifaceted diamond.

Holy Cross Sathuvachari has stood the test of time and stands under the protection of Jesus and the banner of the Cross for the past 39 years.

The flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today. The foundation of a holistic education is laid in Holy Cross and the Holy Crossians are ready to shatter the shackles that bind them and bloom to the fullness of life. They carry with them the values of the Cross and the fragrance of Christ. They realize and make real the dreams and vision of our founder Fr. Mermier and Foundress Mother Claudine.

Holy Cross has undertaken and withstood the challenge of imparting education and grown into a banyan tree offering the shade and bliss of knowledge with transformation.

Started as an English Medium Nursery and Primary School in the year 1974, we became a recognized Matriculation school in 1982 and a full-fledged recognized Higher Secondary School since 1988. The fruits of the hand work of many Sisters of the Cross and numerous teachers have been harvested by many students from different parts of the town, neighbouring towns and villages.

The teachers share a good rapport with each child in her class. Every educator is well aware of her responsibilities and is committed to the growth and development of her students. The students interact in a favourable atmosphere of affection and care and try to emulate their educators in absorbing the values lived by them.

This has materialized purely through the support of the parent community and the well-wishers.

We gratefully remember the commitment of Rev. Fr. Xavier, pioneer and founder of this institution. We salute and remember the dedicated and committed services of former correspondent’s and Principals.

We in Holy Cross impart moral values through our education to make our students ethically strong who in turn will be instrumental in improving the quality of life of the human race. We instill in our students our school Motto “Lovable of God and the people”, so that they become responsible and resourceful adults and are effective reformers of society. I firmly believe that the quality of a school is determined by the quality of its teachers. We have a group of qualified, experienced and well trained teachers who leave no stone unturned in the fulfillment of their duties.

I owe thanks to the Almighty for his graceful blessings on our institution all through the years from its inception to the present moment. I also ask God for his bountiful blessings on each and every one of us.