Provincial’s Message

Dear Sr. Rosy,

Love and greetings from Punitha. May this New Year bring you a lot of blessings and through you we all may experience the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Dear Sister, I thank you earnestly for the immediate reply to my previous mail. As you had advised me regarding the office bearers of the Alumni association, and in consultation with Sr. Mangla, we have made a few modifications in the list. Sr. Correspondent becomes the first Vice-President and the Principal the second.

Regarding the website of our school, if everything goes well we will be launching it in aday or two. The website front page will carry the messages from the correspondent and the Principal. There is also information about our congregation and our missionary activities in Vellore.

The Alumni is planning to have a link from our website and they will upload information with the prior approval of the Principal. The AlumniCore committee has decided to meet after every quarterly todecide on the further steps to be taken.

As I had discussed with you and Sr. Mangla, the process for the renewal of the three old good water connections from the Municipality is underway. Engineers have given an estimation of around three Lakhs. There are two connections for the main school and one for the Special school. We will be sending you the copy of the Estimation for the renewal signed by both Sr. Mangla and myself.

Keeping up with the customs of our school, I will be taking the 10th and 12th students to Chennai for a pilgrimage to visit the Churches and seek the blessings of our Lord. They will also be participating in a Holy Eucharist specially arranged to seek Lord’s blessings on them at Achiruppakam.

I request you and all the Sisters of our province to pray for our Students from all our institutions, so that guided by the Spirit they may do well in their Public Exams and bring laurels to our institutions.

Thank you very much for your support and encouragement.